Riverside Family Medicine Residency is a dually-accredited AOA/ACGME program with a combined internship and family medicine residency (as opposed to a separate, rotating internship and two-year family medicine residency). Dual accreditation allows residents to become board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Osteopathic Family Medicine. This provides an optimal environment for education and personal growth. 

Riverside FM Residents can choose from a number of ‘focus’ areas depending upon their interests and future practice needs. These focus areas include obstetrics, urgent care, sports medicine and hospitalist medicine, to name a few.

The VCU/Riverside Family Medicine Residency Program is one of the oldest family medicine programs in the country, founded in 1971, and one of five residency programs affiliated with Virginia Commonwealth University. VCU has produced over 1,000 family physicians, of which Riverside has produced over one-third. This is a milestone achieved by only four other Departments of Family Medicine in the country.

All of our faculty are extremely supportive of osteopathic physicians and principles. Osteopathic medical students experience this educational collegiality, stimulating academic environment, and holistic approach to patient care. The education in osteopathic principles and practice is a high point of the osteopathic intern and resident’s experience at Riverside. Formal osteopathic didactics occur as well as osteopathic precepting in the hospital and clinic. There is hands-on training in manipulation and direct supervision of residents diagnosing and treating their own patients in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. The interns and residents become quite comfortable with incorporating osteopathic principles and manipulative skills into their daily practice. The osteopathic experience is complemented by the comprehensive training in family medicine provided in the Riverside Family Medicine Residency.

First year rotations consist of:

  • 1 month of Introduction to Family Medicine Office (IFMO)
  • 2 months of OB (or OB-GYN for osteopaths)
  • 1 month of ICU
  • 1 month of General Surgery
  • 1 month of Emergency Room Medicine
  • 2 months of Pediatrics
  • 2 months of Internal Medicine
  • 1 month of BFMO (Brentwood Family Medicine Office – continuity clinic)
  • 1 month MFMO (Management of Family Medicine Office)
  • 1 month on the FTFM (Family Medicine In-Patient Service)

Each resident has one-half day per week at the Family Medicine Center, caring for his or her own panel of patients.

First-year residents have 15 days of PTO (vacation).

Five hundred dollars is available to help finance educational activities during the first year. The USMLE Step III is paid for plus the initial fee for your permanent Virginia license.

Second year rotations consist of:

  • 2 months of Internal Medicine (service medicine)
  • 2 month on the FTFM Service
  • 2 months Outpatient Pediatrics
  • 1 month Sports Medicine
    • Osteopaths have 2 weeks sports medicine and 2 weeks electives
  • 1 month of Night Float
  • month AFMO (Advanced Family Medicine Office)
  • 1 month of Cardiology
  • 1 month of GYN
  • 1 month on BFMO (continuity clinic)
  • 1 month on MFMO (Management of Family Medicine Office)

BFMO and Night Shift months are combined over a two month period and done in two week increments.  

There are 15 days of PTO (vacation) and 5 days of conference time allowed during the second year.

Each resident has two half days per week at the Family Medicine Center, caring for his or her own panel of patients.

One thousand dollars is available in both your second and third year of residency, to help finance educational activities, making this a total of $2,000 during the last 2 years Riverside.

Third-year rotations consist of:

  • 1 month on FTFM Service,
  • 2 months of combined Community Medicine and Geriatric Medicine,
  • 6 weeks on Surgical Sub Specialties (2 weeks each Urology, ENT, Ophthalmology),
  • 1 month on BFMO
  • 1 month of orthopedics
  • 1 month of Dermatology (2 weeks for osteopaths)
  • 2 weeks MFMO (osteopaths have 1 month)
  • The osteopaths also have Selective Surgery for 6 weeks
  • Allopaths have 5 months of electives

The remaining months are to be used for elective time or to fulfill requirements for board certification.

Each resident has one full day plus one-half day per week at the Family Medicine Center, caring for his or her own panel of patients.

The remaining months are to be used for elective time or to fulfill requirements for board certification.  Riverside pays for your Certification Exam Fee.